Developing Skills. Transforming Lives.

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3761 N Mall Avenue, Suite 4, Fayetteville

Bread Purchases:
Tuesday & Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

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Rustic Sourdough Redux

In many cultures, the word bread means life. For thousands of years, people have transformed three simple ingredients—flour, water and salt—into the magical, life-nourishing pantry staple of bread. Rockin’ Baker Academy is where old-school breadmaking meets new-school social change

Cadet Bakers

A Labor of Loaf

Naturally leavened and locally made by underserved yet deserving people, Rockin’ Baker’s high-quality, European-inspired baked goods make your mouth water while making your community better.

Our Mission

Bring On The Bubbles

Our perfectly crusty sourdough breads boast bubbles of all sizes, and every air pocket holds flavor-deepening aromatics that make every bite a party for your taste buds!


A European-inspired bakery on a social mission to enable self-sufficiency through job skills training.

Who Else is Rockin’!?

Bread-ucation at its finest–Interesting articles and videos covering from exploring bread-making and its health benefits, to clarifying the existing misconceptions about bread consumption, to a changemaker bakery transforming people’s lives and the community overall for the better.

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